Widgets are essentially embedded code that allow users to personalise their webpages, their mobile phone or their desktop.

We help our clients to create useful and desirable widgets that appeal to their target users. Once downloaded, our widgets put clients’ services at the heart of the applications that their target audiences use every day and with a smart brand interface, they also encourage users to see the brand as personal to them.

We analyse your brand, objectives and target audience to create a tailored widget that appeals to the right audience, at the right time to achieve the desired objective and in a format that engages the user.

Web Widgets
When designed intelligently, these are better than banner ads, because they are distributed virally and at no additional cost to the client. We can design widgets just to aid brand equity or to drive traffic to a particular website, service or product.

Desktop Widgets
These are completely different products from those that are added to websites. Users have a greater resistance to downloading onto their desktops, but also find it simpler to do when they want to. Finding a winning and relevant concept is the most important part of creating a successful desktop widget.

Mobile Widgets
These are very similar to desktop widgets, but accompany users throughout their day. We add creativity and strong use context analysis to create productive and popular mobile widgets.