Content 2.0: websites
The internet has been critical in the development of what we like to call "Content 2.0".

Where just a few years ago, consumers could choose between TV programmes, radio and print, there was very little cross-over between different media. Of course some TV programmes released magazines to cash in on a large following and some radio shows developed into TV formats, but it wasn't until the inception of the internet and the democratisation of media distribution that true cross-media brand building became feasible. We are specialists at this process and at the centre of our content 2.0 web, is the brand's website.

Outsourcing of Content 2.0: websites
We provide content to third party publishers, organisations and corporates who wants to develop a content 2.0 portfolio, but would prefer to outsource the provision of content and managemet. Our webteam works closely with our editorial team to create a website that builds the brand. We can manage the site for you and update it with content produced by our editorial team or from your sources or a mixture of the two.

Our Own Websites

Great Music Online

Classicvoice.com is the new address for internet users who want to explore how the net can help them to get the most from and share with others, their passion for classical music.

In addition to the usual news, interviews and profiles that bring the listener up-to-date with the latest developments from the musical world, Classicvoice.com offers a rich guide to the latest releases and performances with previews and an extensive archive of reviews. A truly impressive “memory” of the music market (CD, SACD, DVD, Blu-ray), linked directly to online stores, where the music can be heard and purchased in several ways (e-commerce, downloading, streaming, etc.).

Classicvoice.com is therefore an interactive site with the magazine’s staff and contributors, some of the most prestigious names from the Italian scene, waiting online with blogs and podcasts ready to respond directly to its readers.

The site’s concert guide and its excellent reviews of a wide range of live performances helps to make the greatest venues, as well as local ones, accessible to all of the site’s visitors. The guide helps users to select the unmissable events and to buy the tickets online from the comfort of their home. Our Musical Travel section offers a similar functionality for overseas performances combining regularly updated performance schedules for Europe’s cultural capitals with full travel + ticket packages to book online.

A wide range of features (biographies, composer catalogues, comprehensive discographies, downloadable scores) makes Classicvoice.com the leading site for lovers of classical music. An interactive area allows users to share their thoughts and opinions as well as exchanging books, music and anything else related to their shared interest.

Classicvoice.com also offers dedicate sections to related disciplines such as musical theatre, ballet, jazz, ancient music and baroque.

Title: Classicvoice.com
Description: Classical music website with updated information and online shopping
Musical genres:
opera, symphonic, chamber, ancient, chart/contemporary, jazz, ballet, musical theatre
URL: www.classicvoice.com