Web TV

Content 2.0: Web TV
We create bespoke web TV stations that build the brand and customer experience for third-party publishers whether they are solely focused on the web TV market or whether they want to build the brand of titles which already exist on a different medium. Magazines and other publications increasingly look to engage their readers in a full multimedia experience. When produced in the right way, Web TV adds a new dimension and can boost sales and advertising revenue for other media.  

Outsourcing of Web TV
We provide a comprehensive service for the creation, management and content provision of a web TV channel. Our video prduction team can create video content, idents and sponsor or advertiser branding at a low cost. Please see the "web" sub-menu of our services list for a better explanation of the full service that we offer when creating a new web TV channel. 

Our Own Web TV Ventures
www.ClassicVoice.tv is a desktop TV service dedicated to the world of classical music.