Web Radio

Audio distribution over the Net enhances your communication strategies and can be used to distribute your branded radio station into your point of sales (in-store radio) or to branch offices or even to your clients' computers. A web radio station creates an easy channel through which organisations can communicate (even live!) to their target audiences. 

A Comprehensive Service
We make it easy for clients to broadcast music, news and commercials as well as interviews and speeches throughout the day. We can take care of every aspect of creating your very own radio station:
  • project planning
  • potential audience analysis
  • sound design
  • programming
  • format selection
  • periodical music playlist selection
  • jingles
  • station IDs
  • official voices
  • news
  • advertising
  • dedicated website
  • Graphic User Interface
  • PC/ Mac personalised client
  • audio encoding streaming bandwidth and format choice ( Windows Media, Real Media, mp3, and/or the most recent and super efficient AAC+)
  • encoding and streaming from our internal server farm
  • receiving hardware for points of sales or branch offices
  • technical assistance and maintenance