Web Radio

Content 2.0: Web Radio
PublishingWeb Radio is perhaps the most obvious and accessible channel for traditional publishers to expand to after adding websites to their portfolio. A web radio station can be created with minimal investment using content from a print publication and perhaps some additional source audio from relevant subjects, such as interviews with relevant personalities or commentary live from an event. Radio is more flexible than TV and a web radio station adds real time relevant content that engages your target audience and build your brand.

Outsourcing Web Radio
We provide a comprehensive outsourcing service fr web radio stations including every aspect of establishing the radio, marketing it, creating the content and managing its day-to-day running. Our audio team and in-house studios can create audio versions of print content and add new content as required. Please see the "Web" sub-menu in our services list for a better explanation of the services we provide when creating a new web radio station. Give us a call for a more detailed conversation.

Our Own Web Radio Ventures
Classic Voice Radio plays the best of classical music 24/7 backed by the most widely circulated Italian magazine of its genre. The station is ideal for fans of classical music who want to listen to their favourite pieces whilst at work or in their free time.
Classic Voice Radio is the first station to schedule classical music in bite sized chunks suitable for radio listeners. In contrast to other broadcasters, Classic Voice offers dynamic programming that combines variety with brevity, with selections that are as engaging as they are rigorous. Symphonic, chamber, piano, baroque, romantic or contemporary: the genres and the periods of the greatest music come one after the other forming a mosaic of emotions that allow the listener to savour their old favourites whilst exploring less familiar works. This incredible musical journey is accompanied by expert descriptions of composers, titles and performers.

The station also brings listeners the best selection from the archives of Classic Opera, Classic Ballet and Classic Jazz, the other three magazines in the Classic Voice family.
Classic Voice Radio offers a unique quality of sound using the most up-to-date reproduction systems in high definition. Try it right now by clicking on the logo above!