Web Design

WebWe have been designing websites for our clients since 1996. Our approach combines creativity with pragmatism:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Our internet marketing consultants are experts in SEO, ensuring that our sites appears high in the free natural search engine results. This enables our clients to target their site at an audience that they select, whilst allowing the visitor to believe that they have selected the site. Our clients web sites immediately gain credibility and earn trust from their target audience.

Web Usability
Our internet marketing consultants work directly with our Web Design team to maximise usability for visitors to our clients sites. We know that layout design is the single most important factor affecting how visitors interact with our clients web sites and ultimately their brands.

Comfortable and Engaged Visitors
On the average website, only one third of web visitors venture beyond the home page. We use accepted insights into how visitors like to navigate and how they prefer sites to look. Our design makes potential clients feel comfortable and proactively encourages them to interact in the way our clients want them to. Higher traffic to your website of targeted, comfortable and engaged visitors.

Web Site Design
Our team of web designers are all experienced programmers in Html, Flash and Java and are happy to create remote databases, forums, blogs, e-commerce secure payment systems or any other application that would benefit a client's site. Whether for an internet, intranet or extranet site, our web designers, consultants and content specialists expertly translate brands into a navigable Internet experience.

Cross-media experience
Our experience in fields from 3D graphic design to quality audio production and HD video streaming combine to make us uniquely positioned to provide the variety of elements needed today to create an engaging 2.0 web experience for our clients target audience.

Easy to Update
We create tailor-made content management systems (CMS) adapted to our clients way of working, to ensure that whatever content they want to update, at whatever time and by whichever member of their organisation, it will be easy.