Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is the name commonly used to describe the phenomenon of new more interactive sites such as blogs, social networking, wikis, folksonomies (tagged content), which has changed the way that people experience the internet. Common features of web 2.0 are that the web is a platform with (unpackaged) software services and users control their own data. Web 2.0 systems like Wikipedia get better as the number of users increases.

Web 2.0 for Business
Using the insights of Web 2.0, we can design applications that improve the productivity and information flow with companies. We also provide consultancy about the new opportunities available for marketing and generating new business.

Blogs – more and more companies are using blogs as an effective way to communicate with key stakeholders and to drive traffic to their websites. We design user-friendly, modern blogs and provide consultancy on how our clients can use a blog to help meet their business objectives.

Podcasting – we can add podcasting infrastructure to existing websites or create specific microsites to this end. Our video and audio teams can advise our clients on suitable content and create it as often as is desired. We represent a complete outsourcing solution for creating regular podcasts.

RSS feeds – We help clients to cement their relationship with visitors to their site by offering an RSS feed on new content and news.

Social networking – we offer two social networking services. We design bespoke social networks designed to enhance internal communication, creativity and productivity. We also provide consultancy, design and programming services to enable our clients to market themselves effectively through existing public social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.

Widgets – we create effective and original widgets for any platform: desktop, online or mobile. Click here for more information.

Wikis – as with social networking, we offer two services. The first is to create internal wiki systems to improve internal communication and to enable our clients to benefit from the wisdom of their crowd. We also offer a bespoke PR service to ensure that our clients our listed in a positive manner on relevant public wiki sites.