A Cross-media Vision
We now come into contact with thousands of commercial messages every day through a wide variety of very distinct channels. Proposing a cross-media campaign these days seems less like innovation and more like stating the obvious, but we've been doing it since the early 1990s. The company is built on the idea of a multimedia, multisensory vision and the convergence in media that we now witness at an accelerating pace.

The Risks
Unfortunately, a multiplication of platforms doesn't necessarily mean a multiplied effect. In spite of convergence, each medium continues to demand a respect of its own unique golden rules. Unless the correct form of communication is applied to each medium, a multiplication of platforms can result in just a fraction of the expected return, with messages lost across some media.
The risk at the other end of the spectrum is that a diverse team of specialists are tasked with communicating the message each in their own expert field. This can create a fractured campaign and a confused message.

We are experts at communicating across a number of different media in a way that respects the rules for each medium and helps our clients messages to have impact wherever they are experienced. Our knowledge of multimedia campaigns enables us to create communications that reinforce one another, ensuring that they are the messages with which their targets interact.