Video Production

We are a full service multimedia production and post-production company and have been producing high quality video for more than twenty years.

Our past and present clients include some of the world’s largest multinationals and a truly diverse range of successful brands.

We produce high quality video for corporate and promotional films, TV commercials and 2D and 3D animations. We also film business conferences, customer testimonials, seminars, lectures, executive broadcasts and exhibitions.

High Definition Facilities: our high definition digital video production studios include all the facilities and capabilities required for HD recording, editing, special effects, multimedia and digital audio. We combine the latest digital technology and vast experience in multimedia to produce high quality video that can be distributed on any media.

A cross-media vision: we work closely with our clients to ensure their message is central to our creative process. Our script writers, video producers and directors maintain this creative vision throughout the video production process. With our integrated cross-media expertise, our clients deal with just one account manager from concept to delivery whose expertise guarantees that all productions are tailored to suit their destination media. We include our clients in as much of the creative process as possible to ensure the production of a film that captures the integrity of the client’s brand values.

Advertising Solutions: we pride ourselves on our comprehensive professional knowledge and our wide experience of advertising experience. This background and our flexible approach enables us to produce outstanding advertising communications and to solve our clients’ problems with innovative solutions to fit any budget or timeframe.

Corporate Videos: communicating a company’s values and strengths in an emotive way to show not only the company itself, but also testimonials from satisfied customers or to demonstrate products in action in a commercial context.

Mood Films and Video Presentations: we are experts at creating emotive films, which help to increase the effectiveness of presentations for new projects, products or services. We are experienced at integrating interviews or “talking heads” in a way that does not disrupt the mood of the film. This can be particularly effective when used for events and conferences.

Backstage Videos: Shooting backstage videos is an excellent opportunity for creating interesting content at a relatively low cost. We provide the creative planning, troupe, full crew, editing and post-production to create backstage films for events, photoshoots and any other short-, medium- or even long-term projects. Backstage videos can be used to document an event or project, motivate employees, or even as extra content for customers. These films can be delivered on disc, on demand or streamed live online.

Staff Training, Instructional & Educational Videos: video is an excellent medium for explaining or educating, but requires careful planning to ensure a clear communication of ideas. A well planned and produced video can save time and money, as well as maintaining consistency, in the delivery of training and educational programmes, allowing easy access to training at any time or location. The same process can also be applied to delivering clearer product instructions, reducing customer service requirements by pre-empting customers’ queries.

Promotional & Marketing Videos: a well-produced promotional video enables companies to demonstrate product functions and services that other marketing tools are only able to describe. We have extensive experience of producing marketing and promotional videos for a wide range of clients and we are happy to help our clients with the entire process from concept to finished product.

Viral videos: a laugh has more impact than any other emotion. We can create funny situations even for the most serious products and services and spread short amusing videos using a plethora of video portals. Web users support your brand awareness, distributing your message spontaneously. On the Net, if it is fun, it works!
We deliver in the format and standard (PAL or NTSC) of your choice. we deliver video on all formats:
• Cassette, including miniDV, DV, DVC-Pro, Betacam SP, DigiBeta, IMX,
• Disc (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD Video, BD (Blu-ray)
• Internet VOD (video on demand) or streaming
• Flv, Silverlight, Quicktime, Avi, Real, Windows Media, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, etc.

Events and Conferences: video plays an important role in any exhibition, conference or live event. We are experienced at using video for entertainment, creating the right atmosphere, supporting key messages and also for extending the reach of such events to those unable to attend in person. The footage can be shot, edited and distributed to suit your objectives including the promotion of partners or particular websites. We are experts at distributing event footage via live or on-demand webcasting and use mobile equipment to edit and burn commemorative DVDs in real time.

Streaming / Webcasting – Live or on-demand: we help clients to webcast at the highest quality without unreasonable costs in lower, standard or even High Definition. This service can be applied to all sorts of scenarios including webcasts of corporate presentations to multiple locations, interactive discussions between sales staff and the streaming of live video content to 3G mobile phones.

TV Shows: our background and skills are ideally suited to the production of TV shows, live event broadcasts or any other type of video for broadcast on any medium. Our portfolio includes extensive knowledge of the latest broadcast platforms, including IPTV and 3G mobile distribution.

Outdoor Broadcasts: Ranging from a single camera live webcast facility through to multi-camera outside broadcast mobile units, We can provide the portable set-up you need at competitive prices. Our equipment includes the latest in high-definition OB vans or digital flight case solutions. Location is not an issue – we can supply Outside Broadcast Units to anywhere in the world. Aerial shooting: shooting from helicopters equipped with Wescam or other stabilization systems

Crews: whether for a day, month or a year, we source the best people for the job. We can access the most talented people with the necessary skills, character and experience for most projects worldwide. We are experienced at assembling crews with the right mix of creativity and technical expertise within a given budget. our crew database includes some of the most skilled and creative people working in the film & television industry today from the costumists to award winning Directors of Photography to leading directors. Technical Equipment: we can shoot in super 16mm or 35mm film or in any quality ranging from DV to full HD 2k cinema format using steadicam, jimmy jib, cranes and a wide range of stabilization systems. Our particular specialisation is in the use of the Wescam.

High Definition (HD): for both corporate and broadcast clients, High Definition is now the absolute benchmark standard for high quality video production work. Whilst HD need not be expensive, it does offer visibly higher picture resolution. Our flexibility and responsiveness is one of its greatest strengths and we are always happy to explain to our clients the practical differences between Standard Definition and the wide range of different HD formats. We offer HD in all formats, from HDV through to DVCProHD, HDCAM, to Viper 1080 60i. We also offer 70mm shooting.

3D High Definition Video: 3D HD is the next big thing and has already been successfully trialled with high profile sports events and big-budget films. Please see the HD sub-menu in our services list for more information. 

International Productions: we offers a specialist service to international producers requiring Italian/European roduction services, crew & production staff, post-production, location scouting & casting. We have partnerships in Serbia, Miami and NY where we offer an identical standard of service. We have experience in providing facilities and crew for a wide range of productions, including commercials, drama, documentary & entertainment programmes and our clients include leading British, European & North American production companies. We also offer full production management throughout Italy and Europe.