Video Post

We are a leading video post-production house with more than 20 years of experience.
Our editors, compositors, modellers and animators are some of the most technically proficient, creative and experienced in the business.

We develop ideas from scripts and storyboards, working with each client at the earliest stage possible in the production process. Our experience extends to all formats, and in particular HD, across a range of genres from TV commercials and programmes to industrial films, sales videos and digital media.

Offline to online Editing
A complete offline to online solution in one stop, both SD and HD capable, based around Avid work stations ranging from Avid Xpress to Avid Adrenaline HD and from Avid Symphony to Apple's Final Cut Studio package with HD hardware.

Graphics and Visual FX
Our Graphics FX team specialises in video GFX and visual effects. We can provide creatively driven solutions for any or all of the stages of film and video post production, including advanced grading, colouring, digital effects, compositing at HD and 2D & 3D motion graphics.
We use a combination of software: XSI, Maya, 3ds Max and After Effects. Each designer is equipped with a state of the art workstation supported by our own network-rendering facilities.

Audio and Voice-overs
Please see our audio post-production page for the full range of audio services for video.

Mastering in the format and standard (PAL or NTSC) of your choice.
We deliver video in all formats:
- Cassette, including miniDV, DV, DVC-Pro, Betacam SP, DigiBeta, IMX
- Disc (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD Video, BD (Blu-ray)
- Internet VOD (video on demand) or streaming
- Flv, Silverlight, Quicktime, Avi, Real, Windows Media, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, etc.
We offer Duplication, Replication and Encoding to all formats.