Services List

Professional multimedia presentations for pitches

Corporate communications
Analyst communications
Annual reports
Call waiting systems
Prompts for telephone response systems
Seasonal communication templates
Corporate & Promotional gifts
Internal communications

Press releases
Press packs
Multimedia PR tools

Market research
Web questionnaires
Online surveys
Competitor benchmarking
Focus groups (filmed for remote viewing)
Strategic analysis

Direct & Experiential Marketing
Data mining
Personalized marketing strategies
Database marketing, direct marketing (email, sms or postal)
Sponsorship searches
Bespoke sponsorship
Experiential marketing
Quantative and qualitative evaluation of initiatives

Multimedia competitions
Competition database systems
Telephone and mobile competitions 
Multimedia Presentations (Flash, video etc.)
Electronic brochures
Presentations on DVD or Blu-ray Disc
BD Live Presentations
Video production and post-production
Video for digital media
Outdoor broadcasts and outdoor shooting
Location services and provision of crews
Aerial shooting
Training and educational videos
Event videos

Video: Pre-production
Location searches Visual effects and video post-production
Crew selection
HD Video
HD shooting in any format using any combination of cameras
For terrestrial broadcast, satellite and digital TV, Blu-ray Discs and events
For Internet and latest generation video games consoles
HD streaming and video on demand Internet distribution
HD: Post-production
HD audio
HD to SD transcoding
HD 2D and 3D graphics

Video: for TV
TV advertising
TV shows
“as live” TV programmes
Simultaneous commentary record/mix ( sports, games, etc.)
TV promos
TV Idents
Movie trailers
Interactive TV
Video: for marketing
Marketing films
Sales films
Corporate videos
Mood films
Vox pops
Talking Heads
Video presentations

Video: for Web
Live and on-demand streaming of video over Internet (HD and SD)
Video podcasts (Vodcasts)

Video: Post-production
Offline to online editing (SD, HD, 2K, 4K)
Advanced grading
Digital effects
2D & 3D motion graphics
Computer modelling
Transcoding from and into any format across all media
Duplication and replication services into any format. CD, DVD, BD, Beta SP,IMX, Digibeta, etc.

Narration (wild or to picture)
Narrative tape
Audio logo composition
Audio branding
Casting for voice talents
Audio guides
Audio exhibition guides
Audio for Distance Learning
Audio: Music
Background music
Sound design
Music consultancy
Music composition
Compilation CDs
Branded music compilation CDs
Score music
Music recording

Audio: for radio
Audio branding
Station Idents
Station imaging
Syndicated jingles
Custom jingles
Outdoor broadcasts
Location recordings
Talkover beds
Audio: for video
TV advertising
TV channel Idents
Syndicated jingles for TV
Custom jingles for TV
Lip synch dubbing to any videocassette or digital video format
Post- and pre-animation voices and re-synching
Commentary for DVD, for documentaries and for TV series
Sound packages for feature films and TV
Audio: for Internet
Website jingles
Sound design for banners and websites
Audio for web marketing
Audio for online games
Official voices for web radio and web tv
Audio for online training
Audio: for Discs
Super Audio CDs
Audio DVDs
Audio tracks for DVDs and Blu-ray
Dolby & all surround sound systems
Audio: for Mobiles

Mobile ring tones (midi or audio)
Audio: Post-production
Sound FX
Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
Voice-overs (track laying)
Mixing and remixing of pre-recorded material
Audio restoration and mastering
Audio format conversions: WAV, AIFF, MP3 etc - incl. programme lengths & Pro Tools sessions
OMF inter-change
Fast FTP or http transfers
Audio encoding from and to any format
Analogue digitization and asset archiving
IP or ISDN v/o & studio links, live "Down-the-lines" through a phone hybrid
Audio encoding in any format: even the most recent and efficient (AAC+, etc)
Web design

Web design in Html, Flash, Java, xml, ajax for Internet or intranet
Search Engine Optimisation
Web usability consultancy
Graphic User Interfaces
Cross-platform and browser adaptation of websites to work with Macs, mobiles (including I-phones) and other platforms
Tailor-made content management systems (CMS)
Remote databases (PHP, ASP, JSP)
Forums, blogs and newsletters
E-commerce secure payment systems
Podcasting infrastructure including automatic Podcast Manager software
RSS feeds

Web marketing
Web marketing strategic consultancy
Viral marketing and mash-ups
Online advertising solutions (from banners to video ads to splash pages, etc.)
Bookmarklets – applications that store in the user’s bookmarks (favorites)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Web 2.0
Web 2.0 solutions (strategies, presence, initiatives for Myspace, Facebook, Linked In, Second Life, etc )
Social networking consultancy and implementation
Second Life programming & consultancy
Widgets for web, desktop or mobile (bespoke)
Wikis (bespoke)
Video communities

Web content
Web radio & web tv project planning
Web radio & web tv potential audience analysis
Web radio & web tv programming and news
Web radio reception hardware for points of sales or branch offices
Web radio & web tv playlist selection
Web radio & web tv personalised platforms
PC/ Mac personalized clients for web radio
Video announcers for website guided tours
Audio & video streaming and on demand (Windows Media, Real Media, Flv, Quicktime, DiVx, mp3, aac+, etc)
Encoding and streaming live from our internal server farm
Technical assistance and maintenance

Graphics: for Digital media
CD, DVD, BD package design
Visual localization of video games
Design of graphic user interfaces
MMS marketing
Creation of digital brand mascots
Graphics: for Print communications
Print advertising
Brochures, flyers and leaflets
Billboards adhesives and posters
Print services
Graphics: for Publishing
Editorial design
Layout design

Graphics: for Brand identity
Corporate identity design and consultancy
Brand creation and launch (from a company or product logo to corporate identity guidelines)
Brand renewals
Brand mergers
Communications benchmarking and audits
Business cards and branded stationery
Graphics: for Marketing

Packaging design
Brochure racks
In-store displays
Literature stands
Points of sale
Graphics: for Events
Exhibition stands
Banner stands
Branded exhibition furniture
Paper engineering
Original invitation solutions & save the date cards for events
Name badges
Events signage
Themed seating plans, menus and place cards for events
DVD & Blu-ray Discs

DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring
DVD and Blu-ray menu design
BD Live (Blu-ray discs with integrated updatable content downloaded from the web).

Events: consultancy
Themes, locations, timings, security risks etc. 
Events: management

Entertainer casting
Supply of audio/video infrastructure and personnel for events
Liaison with suppliers
Invitation process
Guest list management
Events: production - video

Multimedia presentations for events
Animated logos
Shooting events in HD or SD video (a single camera or up to 25 cameras in an OB van)
Commemorative DVDs of events
Bespoke corporate films for events
Mood films and “talking heads” videos for events
Creation of webcasts of events
Events: production – audio
Sound effects and music consultancy for event production
Bespoke music for openers
Temporary local radio station for events, exhibitions, fairs and conferences
Events: production - graphics

Printed communications and banners for events
Events: production - digital
Event microsites
Email and mobile invitation systems
Bluetooth hotspots
Bulk SMS messaging

Localization for video, audio, print, web and video games
Multilingual subtitling for any media
Localization of international jingles for any market
Full software localization including lip-synch audio files
Localization of theme tunes and songs

E-learning solutions
Interactive multimedia courses
Virtual training rooms
Training films & video podcasts
DVD courses
CD & podcast audio courses
Training downloads
Web TV training solutions

Editorial work
Magazine publishing
Websites for publications
Web radio station for existing publications
Web TV for publications
Brand-tied events
Gift CDs, DVDs and BDs to accompany publications

Content development for podcasts, virals, TV, BD, DVD, CD and print media.