SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Most web users start their navigation with a web search.
Optimising a web site so that it meets the criteria used by search engines to make it searchable, is the single most effective web marketing action that a company can perform to boost targeted website traffic without paying search engines.

First be found, then convert
The percentage of the visitors who become customers is called conversion rate. We can boost converton rates by improving usability, content and design, however first you have got to be found!

Increased traffic, increased credibility
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a method of boosting the ranking of your website in what are known as the organic or natural listings, which are the main results of the search engines. We can help you to reach a high ranking for the searches most frequently conducted by your clients.  The higher you are in these listings the more credible and trustworthy you are perceived by your customers and the greater the number of visitors who will select your website.
A tailored keyword strategy for maximum visibility
Our SEO specialists are involved from the beginning of all projects where web marketing is relevant. After researching online competition and a tailored keyword strategy, they work closely with our designers, copywriters, branding consultants and web programmers to ensure that each web site combines functionality and style with visibility.

You have to be seen before you can be discovered
Search engines often ignore what might be considered the more attractive elements of a website. The most important web spiders are usually oblivious to exciting animations, photos and music, so it is worth remembering that a stylish website is useless without visitors.

We take a pragmatic approach and never forget the client's business objectives for the website, which means that we produce stylish, cutting-edge websites that also receive lots of visitors.