Multimedia Presentations
We have designed interactive multimedia presentations for a number of well-known brands and multinationals. We can create presentations from scratch or convert them from a basic PowerPoint into something breathtaking and inspiring.

We use multimedia and interactivity to engage audiences including 3D animation, music, sound design, voice-over, images and video. Our knowledge of High Definition in video and audio enables us to express the quality of our clients' brands as well as their core messages.

Interactive elements help the presenter or end-user to tailor each presentation to his needs, constraints and audience type. We can provide all aspects of the presentation, including quality production and post for audio and video, offering spectacular 3D graphics for the clear communication of figures and statistics.

Electronic brochures
We produce electronic brochures with technology that allows the user to turn pages by dragging from one corner to the other, just as they would with a real paper brochure. This technology also allows users to tear off particular sheets from the brochure. We can include website links, high quality photos, animations, audio and video within the brochure, turning it into a versatile and engaging multimedia presentation tool.

Presentations on DVD or Blu-ray Disc
In 1998 we were the first company in Europe to produce corporate DVD presentations and we now also offer the same service for Blu-ray Discs. Both formats are perfectly suited to a variety of different presentation subjects enabling the presenter to tailor his presentation to his audience and to adapt it according to their feedback, offering a more in-depth analysis of whatever products, services or topics are deemed to be of most interest or relevance to each particular audience. Language and subtitle functions allow a single disc to contain the same presentation in a number of languages according to our clients' needs. Videos on DVD can be accompanied by up to 8 languages and even more on Blu-ray.

BD Live

Our pioneering use of DVDs for corporate presentations has evolved to include the recent innovation, BD Live. Blu-ray discs can include a feature that connects users directly from the disc's content to online microsites, which can be updated regularly (even daily) so that presentations can easily be tailored to particular audiences and always show the latest case studies and examples.