From musical logo to brand identity
Creating a catchy musical logo isn't rocket science..  By selecting a sequence of notes that adhere to certain musicological rules and repeating that sequence at every opportunity. perhaps employing different arrangements for different uses (call waiting, radio advertising, events and so on) we can develop a highly recognizable identity for any product or brand. Unfortunately, having a catchy melody assocated with your brand does not necessarily mean that your brand will be strengthened. 

Our audio brand service takes into account the target audience and its socio-cultural identity to create something a bit more intelligent that strengthens or evolves your existing brand values.

Background Music
Whether for video or pure audio, our music consultants are experts at selecting the correct background music to complement a visual sequence or spoken message. We select music to add emotion to the production and will tailor it to suit the intended audience, whether for video, audio, events, online or in store. We also compose original music to meet the needs of a specific project.

Music composition for video productions consists mostly of two types:
  • The score is the underlying dramatic or emotional music separate from, but used to emphasise, what is happening on screen.
  • Source music is music that appears to come from what is happening on screen. An example of this would be the music in a nightclub or the CD that an onscreen character puts into his car stereo.
We can either create original music or license generic music from specialised companies. Songs written by known artists can be used either as part of the score or as source music, but this is usually more expensive.

We also provide music consultancy for syncronisations: from music selection to licencing negotiation and contracts with publishing companies and artists

Station IDs
Our station IDs can be heard on some of Italy’s biggest stations as well as in other European countries and online.

We produce tailored compilation CDs with corporate branding or for a specific event with music that reflects a company or event’s brand image. Our links with suppliers enable us to secure favourable prices for production and printing and our relationship with the relevant artist rights organisations means that we handle all these costs.

Music Consultancy
We advise clients on the most effective music to achieve their objectives in their chosen medium.