LocalizationOur multi-service structure enables us to offer our clients a superior service in the area of voice-overs, dubbing, adaptation and localisation.

Our in-house departments mean we can offer guarantees of:
(1) total quality control;
(2) a greater ability to meet tight deadlines; and
(3) more economical prices for our clients.

Localisation Services
We offer translation and adaptation services for all audio scripts and multimedia content:
- Lip-synch dubbing for film / animation / TV
- Voice-overs for documentaries / advertisements /trailers /presentations /industrial & corporate films
- Subtitling for any media
- Full software localisation (L10n) including lip-synch audio files
- Localisation and programming for websites
- Localisation of print marketing material

Our strength comes from creative linguistic precision combined with in-house multimedia technical services:

- Our localisation team consists of mother tongue English and Italian translators, copy-writers and marketing consultants. The team has years of experience of writing original copy for multinational companies, as well as translating and adapting existing copy for localisation to the English or Italian markets. We conduct in-depth research for cultural and educational content and full adaptation of local culture related issues, such as humour, political correctness and other sensitivities.
- Our in-house audio engineers, bilingual directors, software programmers and video editors are some of the most experienced in the business and use only the best quality technical equipment. They work hand-in-hand with our localisation team to ensure a seamless final product.

Lip-synch Dubbing and Voice-overs
With our experienced dubbing directors and sound designers, we guarantee cinema quality for all our lip-synch projects, and not only in Italian. We translate and adapt our clients’ script to take account of localisation requirements, but also to fit lip-synch, prosody and on-screen actions.

We can localise from and into most languages using our partners all over the world. Whether for video or for animation, our team provides a polished product adapted to the local target audience and we respect fully the original sound design and overall effect.

It this art of preserving the original emotions, and not just the meaning, that sets us apart from competent translation agencies turned amateur dubbers.

Italian Dubbing Culture
Italy has a long-established tradition of lip-synch dubbing. Unlike many other European countries, Italians prefer their films and TV shows to be dubbed rather than sub-titled. This preference and tradition has created a highly accomplished and sophisticated industry and a large resource of fully trained professional voice talents and audio engineers.

Film dubbing takes place in Rome; TV dubbing and advertising post-production work is carried out in Milan. We work in both cities and benefit from our reputation as one of the best audio post-production houses in Italy.

Voice Talents
We maintain an extensive roster of voice talents in English and Italian, covering a wide range of regional accents and characters. We regularly cast voice-over and dubbing voices for TV and radio spots, corporate and industrial films, documentaries, cartoons, feature films and TV shows.
Our mother-tongue actors are professional dubbers or narrators from the world of broadcasting or theatre. All of them have perfect Italian diction, a rarity amongst the now dangerously ubiquitous, internet-based voice talents

Song Localisation
We have a strong musical tradition and have produced countless songs, jingles and theme tunes. We source the best voices for each project and can localise any song from and into most European languages. This includes adaptation and synch singing for animation or film.

Video Game and Software Localisation (L10n)
We offer a full range of services for video game and software localisation. Our team of specialists can adapt in-game text, synch or time coded audio scripts, graphics, source code, in-game and online read-me and help files, as well as physical manuals and packaging. We test all software to gold standard.

Multilingual Websites
Our web design and programming team works closely with our internet marketing consultants and localisation team to produce top quality multilingual websites. We specialise in web usability and search engine optimisation and will ensure that your website is targeted at, and adapted to, all of your target audiences whatever their nationality. We regularly apply the same process to existing websites that need to appeal to a new language market.

We were the first Italian company to begin authoring DVDs. We have world class equipment and authors who work regularly with our localisation team to create multi-lingual CD-ROMs and DVDs. All audio and graphic design work can be done by our in-house teams to ensure the highest quality final product.

Print Material
Our advertising services, editorial and graphics departments are always available for print localisation projects. We are happy to work with your preferred supplier or with our own trusted local printer, with whom we benefit from an advantageous discounted rate.