HD Services

Our services include HD audio-video production and post production for any purpose
In particular, we offer HD shooting in any format (including 3D HD) and with the complete range of troupes or mobile units equipped with any combination of cameras available on the market (from Panasonic p2-based cameras to Sony Cinealta and Thompson Viper).

Our in-house post-production facilities can offer:
  • HD 2D and 3D Graphics
  • HD Post Production (from editing to compositing to colour correction)
  • HD to SD transcoding, encoding and conversion
  • HD Streaming and Video On Demand Internet distribution
  • BD Authoring
  • HD installations for events
What is 3D HD?
3D HD (3D High Definition video) is the next big thing. Using a customised rig with two adapted Sony HDC-950 cameras spaced 70mm apart, this technique captures left- and right-eye imagery in HD. The footage can then be viewed using 3D glasses in an IMAX cinema. This technique, combined with HD Audio, enables viewers to feel as if they really are at the centre of the action. 3D HD has already been successfully trialled with high profile sports events and a number of big-budget films are being released in the format.

When to use High-definition Video and Audio
HD images and sounds can be used in a range of applications:
  • Terrestrial broadcast
  • Direct broadcast satellite
  • Digital cable
  • High definition discs (Blu-ray Discs)
  • Internet downloads
  • The latest generation of video game consoles
HD Technical notes
  • Most computers are capable of HD or higher resolutions even if they are not a last generation product. So almost everybody can enjoy HD video on his computer over Internet or through HD video content delivered on normal DVDs.
  • Most  computers can send a video signal to a projector or an HD TV set over VGA, DVI, and/or HDMI.
  • The Blu-ray disc standard can provide enough digital storage to store hours of HD video content (7 hours of 32 Mbit/s video (HDTV) or 3.5 hours of 64 Mbit/s video (Cinema 4K)).
  • Broadcasters specify either the 720p or 1080i format for HDTV. In general, 720p is more accurate with fast action, for the reasons discussed above under scanning system.
  • Computer monitors scan progressively that’s why we distribute 720p HD video files over the Internet or on discs.
  • 720p video also has lower storage-decoding requirements than either the 1080i or 1080p formats.
  • 720p is also the medium for High Definition Broadcasts around the world.  
  • 1080p (24p) is used for Blu-ray Discs