We are a cross-media supplier of communications services. Almost all of our communications services across the various media include strong elements of graphic design and visual communication. Our graphics team combines the classic attributes of original, creative thinking and clear, intuitive communication with specialisms in the latest media and technological developments.

Graphic Design for Print Advertising
Our graphics team and copywriters work under the guidance of an Art Director to produce original visual communication for print advertising. We focus on the client's commercial and brand objectives and are happy to follow brand guidelines where applicable (and happier creating them!). As well as full campaigns, we also produce specific advertising for events and promotions.

We can prepare the layout and design of full magazines, free press and sales catalogues in-house.

Corporate Identity
The graphics team works closely with our Brand Consultants on all of its projects: brand creation & launch; brand renewal; and brand mergers. The graphics team gives vital professional input during the preparatory audits of a client’s historical communications and that of its competitors. The team is later involved in the process of designing a new logo, visual identity and brand guidelines including stationery.

Packaging Design
We create packaging designs for industrial and retail products in much the same way as we create corporate identities. Our graphics team works with the brand consultants to prepare an audit of competitors and the target market. Our packaging solutions communicate brand values in an original way.

Corporate Communications
Our graphics team provides professional solutions for all aspects of corporate communications, from internal comms right through to elegant communications solutions for stakeholders:
- Newsletters (print & digital)
- Annual Reports
- Presentations (hand outs & professional digital presentations – powerpoint or flash)
- Press Releases (traditional press packs and digital multimedia resources)
- Internal Communications & Signage (including innovative desk drops)

Marketing & Promotions
We have designed direct marketing solutions and brochures for a wide variety of clients. Our experience has taught us how best to invoke a response, converting a target audience into customers. We also provide retail promotional solutions such as the creation of in-store displays and points of sale.

We can provide and design exhibition stands to communicate whatever message you want to express. We own a modular, portable stand, designed for display areas up to 80m2. We can also design banner stands, pop-ups, branded exhibition furniture, modular panel systems, point of sale stands, literature stands and brochure racks to suit any occasion. We also specialize in paper engineering for smart event invitations.

Graphic Design for Digital Media
As well as traditional graphics projects, our designers regularly work with our software engineers, web designers and video editors providing visual creativity across a variety of digital media, from websites and Graphic User Interfaces to DVD /BD menus, MMS marketing and video game localization. Visual FX and animation for video are carried out by in-house specialists.