Creativity For Direct Clients

Creativity is fundamental to all of our services: it is our strongest point.
As well as working as a supplier to a range of agencies, we regularly work directly for clients where an ad agency would not be appropriate. Sometimes an ad agency may consider a business not to be important enough for them. All businesses are important to us. We do not get involved with media planning. This independence enables us to provide the best communications solution to each client.

Creativity for audio
We are well known as innovators in the world of radio campaigns, commercials, Jingles and advertising songs. We have worked with a wide variety of businesses and entrepreneurs and the range of our creative solutions reflects that diversity. Our knowledge of how to script for audio productions to ensure that they sound right extends right through to scripting for podcasts and speeches as well as for automated business services, such as call-waiting systems and value added telephone services.

Creativity for video
We believe that creativity, especially where budgets are limited, is what differentiates our video productions from others. Our creativity is most visible in the concepts we propose, the scripts we write and the direction we provide, but we also apply creativity to smaller details such as how we present the storyboards, the locations we choose and the post-production process. Creative video does not just mean corporate films and commercials or programmes for TV. Our creative services also include innovative video Idents, documentaries, viral videos and training courses that really catch people’s attention.

Creativity for graphics
Our graphics department is a creative hub. Imaginative visual communication is at the base of our web design and internet marketing services; and we are excellent at all aspects of branding, from naming services to corporate or product identity. We help our clients to communicate in a way that strengthens this identity with a wide range of graphics products including brochures, stationary, business cards and newsletters.

Creativity for Internet
Web design, like other creative services can sometimes suffer from putting “cool ideas” ahead of business pragmatism. We are experienced in Search Engine Optimisation and Web Usability and produce imaginative websites within the pragmatic constraints of business imperatives. We want to attract and retain the right visitors as well as impressing them with exciting features. This balance is reflected in our web copywriting and innovative Graphics User Interfaces for online and offline software applications, designed to promote success with search engines and clicks-through. Our skills in web marketing and advertising include Ad games, DEM, banners, vertical mini-sites and viral marketing. We are specialised in developing multimedia web applications such as widgets, Second Life solutions, web radio, corporate TV and video streaming.

Creativity for marketing
Guerilla marketing, Direct Marketing and Experiential Marketing are all rightly gaining popularity in the world of marketing communications. Our background in branding and creative services enables us to present innovative ideas that connect with target customers whilst strengthening or evolving existing brand values.

Creativity for presentations
We can transform a boring PowerPoint file into a spectacular 3d graphics show. We understand how our clients could use the latest technologies to support important presentations and greatly increase the efficacy of their message. Our pioneering use of DVDs for corporate presentations has evolved to include the recent innovation, BD Live. Blu-ray discs can include a feature that connects users directly from the disc's content to online microsites, which can be updated regularly (even daily) so that presentations can easily be tailored to particular audiences and always show the latest case studies and examples.

Creativity for training
We clarify difficult concepts everyday in our wor for advertisers. For several years we have also been applying our skills in augmenting information retention both to online and live training sessions. We have been creating multimedia courses since the early 1980s.

Creativity for events
Concept, Location, casting, scenography, speeches, music consulting, video content. all you need for a unique event and with just a single point of reference.