Creativity For Agencies

Creativity is fundamental to all of our services: it is our strongest point.
We provide outsourced services to advertising and marketing agencies. This includes creative consultancy to support agencies’ own creative process. Our creativity feeds into each and every step of the production process.

We are able to write whole campaigns for all media: from the shortest tagline to full narrations. We can support ad agencies in adapting their scripts using the most effective language for each specific medium or even participating in pitches as anonymous creative partners.

Creativity for audio
We are well known as innovators in the world of radio campaigns, commercials, Jingles and advertising songs. Our sound engineers produce recordings whose superior quality is immediately audible. Experience tells us that we are also able to supplement agency creativity with our specific knowledge of radio advertising. We judge our success by how much we help our client, the agency, to keep its client happy.

Creativity for video
As with audio productions, we are often able to add value to the creative process when planning video productions, whether for commercials, virals or idents. Other services include outsourcing of production for quality story boards, animatics, photomatics and videomatics.

Creativity for graphics
We provide a full outsourcing service for all graphic design and branding work. Our brand services include consultancy and logo design as well as display and packaging design. We also provide cutting-edge design for digital media and all print solutions. 

Creativity for Internet
We offer a full outsourcing service for web design including SEO and usability analysis as well as copywriting and innovative Graphics User Interfaces to maximise Search Engine results and click-through rates. Our skills in web marketing and advertising include Ad games, DEM, banners, vertical mini-sites and viral marketing. We can integrate these solutions as part of wider agency-planned campaigns and are specialised in developing multimedia web applications, such as widgets, Second Life solutions, web radio, corporate TV and video streaming.

Creativity for marketing
We have years of experience of direct marketing and our team includes sponsorship specialists. We can help agencies to plan truly innovative guerilla and experiential marketing campaigns that express brand values or complement and reinforce simultaneous advertising campaigns.

Creativity for presentations
We can transform a boring power point file into a spectacular 3d graphics show. We improve the communication impact of any concept and the professionalism and quality of what we produce gives brands the distinction that they deserve. Our pioneering use of DVDs for corporate presentations has now evolved to include the new BD Live function linking disc content to updatable online microsites for interactive, future-proofed presentations.
We are perfect suppliers when agencies have important pitches with tight deadlines.

Creativity for events
Concept, Location, casting, scenography, speeches, music consulting, video content. All you need for a unique event and with just a single point of reference.