1. Do you provide quotes through your website?

  2. Where are you based? Do you accept work in other locations?

  3. Are you able to provide a full video production service, to include shooting, editing, post-production, DVD and BD authoring and industrial DVD/BD replication?

  4. Do you provide industrial duplication and replication services for DVDs and BDs?

  5. Do you provide Graphic Design services?

  6. Do you provide Editorial Design services?

  7. What is a Corporate Video or a Corporate Film?

  8. Do you produce Corporate Videos and Corporate Films?

  9. We are looking for some interesting locations for shooting video in Italy. Can you help?

  10. We already have a Corporate Video. We want to transfer it to DVD. Is that possible and is it expensive?

  11. What is DVD Authoring?

  12. What is a Blu-ray Disc (BD)? Do you offer Authoring services for Blu-ray Discs?

  13. How much data or video can be stored on a Blu-ray disc?

  14. I want a video shot in high definition. Do you have any experience of shooting in HD?

  15. What is High Definition Audio?

  16. Do you offer web design services?

  17. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Do you offer SEO services?

  18. Are you an advertising agency?

  19. Do you offer a media planning or buying service?

  20. What is Brand Consultancy? Do you have in-house Brand Consultants?

  21. We operate in a number of different countries each of which speaks a different language. Cultural sensitivity is extremely important to us. Do you offer any sort of translation or localisation services?

  22. Do you offer localization services for video games?

  23. What services do you offer in relation to events?