Experiential Marketing

As all experienced marketers know, it is not enough just to communicate the rational benefits of a product or service. Clients and consumers more often than not buy with their hearts rather than their heads. We are experts at using existing data about your target audience and adding new strategies to improve that data so that we can personalise marketing material and create experiences that enable your audience to engage emotionally with your brand.

Sponsorship – tailored partnerships with existing organizations and events
Our in-house sponsorship consultant and our freelance partner have extensive experience in proposing sporting and cultural sponsorships tailored to a particular company’s brand image, values and objectives. Their experience ranges from organizing corporate golf tours and cultural private view receptions to managing multinationals’ sponsorship of Olympic sports teams. Between them they have worked with some of the world's largest brands in sectors such as automotives, electronics and mobile telephony.

We advise on all aspects of traditional sponsorship deals from initial consultancy, sponsorship searches and contract negotiations right through to delivering and managing effective leveraging campaigns. We can also work with our clients to agree an appropriate and effective evaluation system based on return on objectives (ROO), return on investment (ROI) or both.

Bespoke Sponsorships – creating new teams, organizations or events to suit your brand
As in other areas, our strength lies in our creativity. We excel at creating tailor made events, initiatives and organizations that bring brands to life in a way that perfectly communicates their brand values to a targeted audience. This is usually an incredibly efficient and effective form of marketing.

Experiential Marketing - an event which enables participants to experience a brand's unique values
Our creative team works with clients to connect their target audience with their brand in personally relevant and memorable ways. We can help to create experiences that selected target audiences will choose to engage with, allowing them to connect with our clients' brands by their own choice and in an emotive and personal way. We focus on right-brain brand loyalty based on a deep connection and relevance to the consumer, rather than the outmoded, left-brain, rational comparison of features and benefits.