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Events We provide a complete range of Event Production services. 

Creative dramatic events
Our approach to event planning is one defined by creativity, imagination, attention to detail and a dramatic use of technology. This approach enables us to deliver unforgettable, high quality events that help our clients to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Our events are tailored to each client's particular industry norms, brand values and the nature of their guests.

What sort of events do we work on?
We specialise in events that make use of multimedia content and other elements to create an engaging atmosphere and impactful communications. This ranges from simple sound design and video presentations, right through to animations, shooting the event live in HD, creating a webcast and commemorative DVDs. We also have a strong track record in team-building, training, motivational and sports-related events.

Outstanding sound design and video content
We are happy to work with freelance or in-house event managers or simply to provide consultancy and production services for the multimedia elements of an event.

Corporate event consultancy
We discuss your objectives for the event (in the context of your wider marketing strategy where relevant) and advise about suitable locations, the chosen date and timing, as well as any potential security issues. We can suggest creative event themes relevant to your brand or the objectives of the event, which can be applied to all aspects of the event.

Corporate Event Management
We can take care of all aspects of the event management from the event concept to the guest list management and the invitation process, right through to managing the event timetable on the night and creative souvenirs for guests. We produce thorough timetables, room plans and budgets so that our clients understand each and every aspect of how the event is managed. We want our clients to be able to relax and enjoy their event, confident in the knowledge that it is being run by professionals.

Corporate Event Production
Our experienced production and post-production teams work in tandem with our event consultants to provide all of the content and effects to make your event a success:

Our graphics team can produce all print for the event, including:

- Invitations & save-the-date cards
- Name badges
- Event signage & seating plans
- Place cards and menus
- Staging
- Bespoke communications relating to the event, ranging from brochures and newsletters to pop-up displays and banners.

Sound effects and music fundamentally alter the atmosphere of an event. We have been producing the audio elements of radio and TV adverts for more than 20 years and apply the same professionalism when planning and producing the audio for an event. On the technical side, we can plan and supply all the audio equipment and professional, well-dressed sound engineers for the event.

For conferences, exhibitions, sports events and trade fairs, we can create a temporary local radio station to allow visitors to choose the content that most interests them wherever they are in the venue.

Video adds a sense of quality to any event. We are experts at shooting bespoke corporate films, creating mood films, animations or impressive video presentations that can either be broadcast on a large screen as a main feature of the event or shown on small flat screen TVs at specific locations or times (e.g. during pre-dinner drinks). The latter is a practical solution for speeches if guests are seated in different rooms.

We can shoot the whole event as it takes place and broadcast it live for the guests to see, or we can edit the footage post-event and create a souvenir DVD or stream it on our client's website. Footage can also be edited during the event and burned on site to create personalized DVDs ready for your guests to take with them as they leave.

- Mood films
- Video clips and vox pops for speaker assistance
- Video conferencing
- Graphic FX, cartoons and 3D animation
- Shooting in Full High or Standard Definition

ur Internet Consultants work closely with our Event Producers to create stylish DEM, effective, personalized emails that can be sent before and after events, and which can even feed directly to a tailor-made database to record acceptances or for target profiling. We also produce content that can be placed on your own website ranging from a PDF to streamed video.

Our web designers produce event-specific microsites that can be used to provide information prior to the event, such as conference timetables, a map of a trade fair or the dress code and transport links for a dinner. Microsites can also be used post-event for photo and video galleries or as a source of further details about something featured at the event. This extends the life of your communication opportunity.

We can create invitation and confirmation campaigns through personalized SMS, MMS and VMS. Using Bluetooth hotspots, we also enable you to offer video downloads, screen savers or ringtones specific to your event straight to your guests' mobile phones.

Other Event Management Services
Our Event Producers are experienced at selecting the right suppliers for each event and conduct a full site visit with all suppliers involved in a particular event. We produce a comprehensive event timetable and location map for each supplier and we give a final briefing on the day of the event.

Lighting & flowers: we use trusted suppliers for lighting and flower decorations.

Catering & staff: we use a roster of high quality caterers to suit different events and budgets. Usually the final selection of caterer and menu is made in conjunction with the client after at a tasting hosted by the short-listed caterers. We use a mixture of our own event managers, our freelance event staff and staff provided by the caterer depending on the range of roles required.

Entertainment: our Event Consultants are highly experienced in judging the type and quality of entertainment to suit each client's particular audience. We have strong links in the entertainment and sports worlds, which give us good access to celebrities. Our creative team works closely with our event consultants and event planners to create innovative, deliverable entertainment concepts that match the sensibilities and expectations of your target audience. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen:

- Celebrity guests and motivational speakers
- Entertainers, dancers and musicians
- Experiences and relaxation
- Team building initiatives for internal events

Souvenirs for Guests: providing guests with a souvenir is a great way to ensure that our clients' brands, vales and the excellent events that we help them to provide remain at the forefront of their minds for years to come. Gifts need to be relevant to the brand values, event theme and event objectives. They also need to be relevant to and suitable for the guests present. Our consultants are experienced in suggesting suitable gifts that satisfy these criteria and that also conform to our clients' budgets and communications objectives. Our graphic designers will ensure that a gift can be branded in a stylish manner before we suggest it to you.

Event set-up and risk assessment: our Event Managers always conduct a full risk assessment as part of their event planning and we require all of our suppliers to contribute to that process. Set-up is planned like a military operation and we are used to operating in venues which only offer a short amount of time for set-up before the guests are due to arrive.
Our Event Production team provides comprehensive solutions for most events:

- Conferences
- Exhibitions
- trade shows
- corporate meetings
- presentations
- award ceremonies
- special events
- team-building & motivational
- product launches
- brand-building experiences

We do not simply organize events: we specialise in creative consulting and the production of multimedia content to make any event exciting and memorable. We help our clients to turn any event into a measurable communication opportunity.