Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business and will seek continuous improvement in this area. We are committed to conducting an internal environmental audit each year to measure our success and to ensure that our environmental policy accurately reflects our actions. We comply with all relevant environmental legislation and are proactive in promoting environmentally friendly ways of working where this is economically viable.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
We are committed to carbon off-setting for all of our business flights. We use public transport wherever it is a feasible alternative to cars. We have developed proprietary software which allows clients to interact remotely with their projects and we use CRM and FTP systems to deliver files electronically where possible. This reduces the amount of travel required by our employees and clients and also drastically cuts the number of couriers that we use.
We are committed to educating employees about saving energy and other resources.
Where possible, we aim to use only energy efficient lightbulbs by the end of 2008. All employees are encouraged to turn off lights where possible. We only use heating and air conditioning when necessary.
Our computers use energy saving settings where available including sleep functions for lunch and other breaks. We encourage employees to turn off their monitors when not using them.

Recycling and Reducing Waste
We strongly discourage unnecessary printing and unnecessary use of paper where computers will suffice.
We use recycled paper for draft printing.
We recycle all paper, plastics and ink cartridges.

Considering the nature of our business, we are particularly conscious about noise pollution. We have fitted the best quality soundproofing to ensure that we do not disturb our neighbours.