Multimedia Training Tools
Training Our multimedia tools can help to explain complex concepts to any sort of audience and our creativity helps to evolve training and e-learning into an info-tainment experience. Our work in this field dates back to 2000 when we created a fully functioning online school for a multinational client. We specialise in training support for pharmaceutical companies. We have also created bespoke training facilities on our own training island in the Second Life platform.

Training Films
In addition to creating platforms and networks as the locations for our training experiences, our Video and Post Production units are experienced producers of training films, which can be available to our clients' employees whenever and wherever best suits them and through any medium that they choose.

Interactive Multimedia Courses
We create every sort of training material including interactive multimedia courses (on-line or off-line). These courses can be held with in-house instructors, with self-teaching multimedia applications or even remotely by external instructors or members of another branch.

Not Only Skills Training...
Our courses are even suited to more general topics aimed at boosting staff productivity, knowledge, motivation and attention to quality, such as interpersonal or corporate communication skills. More tailored programmes can help managers with key decision-making processes.