DuplicationCD and DVD Duplication
We offer CD and DVD duplication for small runs or where duplication is required on-site. For larger print runs, we use an industrial replication process (see below)

For events or special occasions, We can duplicate your commemorative video on-site, so that it is ready for guests to take away with them as they leave. Our CD and DVD Duplication uses manufactured CD-Rs or DVD-Rs that will offer a fast turnaround on small runs. Generally the runs are from 100 to 999.

CD-R and DVD-R Duplication is carried out on tower duplicators that we bring to your venue. Our duplication process is completed, using only high quality duplication equipment. We use "state of the art" Digital Printing or serigraphy.

CD and DVD Replication
In CD and DVD replication, all the required content data is put onto the disc in the "stamping/plating" step.
The disc shape is then created by injection molding and the CD or DVD is molded, cut and trimmed. Our pressed CDs will be silkscreened or offset printed, then inserted into whatever packaging you have selected.

Pressed CDs and DVDs are for large quantity runs of 1000 to 500,000 of one master.

Beta and Digibeta
We can also copy from Beta SP to Beta SP and from Digibeta to IMX.