Direct Marketing

Data Mining
Our Direct marketing service uses data mining techniques to create personalised communications targeted as much as possible at individuals rather than arbitrary demographic groups.

Distinctive Communications
We create communications that are relevant, engaging, and of value to the recipient, so that they stand out from the hundreds of other messages received each day to boost to the brand equity of our clients. This investment in attention to detail pays dividends when it comes to response rates, brand reputation and customer loyalty and is what makes our services distinct from mass mailings.

Tactical Timing
This strategy of greater targeting and personalisation also implies a more nuanced approach to the timing of communications. Advertising campaigns may be timed to coincide with commonly shared experiences, such as a new product launch or a particular calendar season, trend or news event, but none of these privilege the target customer or his relationship with the client brand as being individually noteworthy. We believe in the value available from timing communications to coincide with events that are personal to those individuals (such as birthdays or the performance of their preferred sports team for instance) or to their relationship with the client (based perhaps on spending patterns or feedback about preferences).

Evaluation is fundamental to how we work and each communication is designed to provide clear feedback according to the client's criteria.

Strategic Thinking
Just as we believe in tailoring communications to the recipient, for clients we provide bespoke strategies, creativity and solutions. As with our other service areas, we apply our creativity across a full range of direct marketing solutions using all relevant media including email, postal mail outs and SMS.