DVD & Blu-ray

DVD Authoring
We were the first Italian company to begin authoring DVDs with two Sonic Solutions authoring suites. The authoring suites are equipped to full DVD specification, capable of CBR and VBR pristine quality video encoding, all sound formats up to 7.1 and full QC facilities.

All audio and graphics work, such as motion menus, are done by our in-house teams to ensure the highest quality final products. Our expertise in localization guarantees multilingual accuracy. We know how to match multiple format input materials, such as differently sized images for a slide show or different video standards (16:9 / 4:3, PAL / NTSC) for a single chapter.

Although seemingly straightforward, subtitling hides many potential threats. We have produced a variety of different combinations including Japanese audio with Korean subtitles and Chinese audio with Greek subtitles.
The infinite challenges that these jobs have presented and the lessons that we have learnt are written deeply into our standard operating procedures and the working culture of our teams.

Blu-ray Authoring
The standard format for HD, Blu-ray is an exciting medium for businesses as well as consumers. We offer a full Blu-ray authoring service.
: We have been producing corporate DVDs since 1998 and now also offer this service on BD. These formats offer an excellent way to store a variety of interactive company presentations and case studies that users can select from and tailor to suit their audiences.
: We author BDs (Blu-ray Discs) and DVDs for all B2C uses; including films, TV series, music videos, events and commemorative films. DVDi: We also offer a DVDi authoring service for role playing games, quizzes or any other highly interactive content.

BD Live

Blu-ray Discs include the new BD Live function, which is the name of Blu-ray's internet capabilities. As users watch content on a Blu-ray disc or navigate across its menus, they can click on a BD Live button for additional content online. The Blu-ray reader (PS3 or profile 1.1 or 2.0) automatically connects to the internet and takes the user to a pre-defined URL, where they can find constantly updated content and downloads. The BD Live function is ideal for corporate presentations and marketing initiatives, as well as brand-sponsored content. Microsites can be updated daily, so that the discs remain relevant and suitable for distribution for years.