Creative Thought Leaders
We recruit individuals who combine technical expertise with exciting creativity. We are not afraid to take inspiration from others, but take pride in being ahead of the curve in most areas of communications. All of our employees are passionate about their vocaion and apply the highest standards on all projects to which they put their name.

A Business Oriented Approach
We have a pragmatic approach to communications: our creative services should be judged according to measurable results against a clear set of business objectives. It is essential therefore that we understand our clients' hard and soft business objectives from the very start of each project so that we have a clear picture of how to measure its effectiveness.

Convenience for our Clients and Value for Money
All of our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager who uses cross-media experience to co-ordinate our in-house specialists. Our in-house departments assure us of: (1) clarity in understanding clients’ needs and briefings; (2) total quality control; (3) a greater ability to meet tight deadlines; and (4) lower costs and more economical prices. We work to our clients’ timeframe and communicate from the outset if we believe that timeframe to be unrealistic.

We give clients access to their projects for work-in-progress checks throughout their development using Bespoke Software tools:

This proprietary software tool, unique in our industry, enables us to receive production comments from our clients in real time. All clients are assigned their own specific CRM AREA where they can watch and listen to work-in-progress productions, adding comments, suggestions and modification requests directly to the timeline, frame-by-frame, and receiving an immediate response from our creative professionals.

Following the initial briefing, we collect the necessary content and materials digitally through our upload area.
Our servers accept two methods of file upload:
http through a web browser, such as Safari, Mozilla or Explorer. This can be done using any computer without the need to install an ftp client
ftp through an ftp client, or using a web browser with ftp protocol.

This is our extranet service, which we have made available to clients since 1996.
The Customer Relationship Management web site is a web repository in which all the production units publish their work step-by-step. Clients can access audio, video or graphics files from any computer wherever they are in the world (including from the convenience of their home). Files can be accessed both in streaming and download.

This service enables those without webmail to receive files even when they are not able to check their work email account and bypasses the increasingly common problem of seeing big files and rich media content blocked by ever stricter corporate security policies. Clients are able to check our work at their convenience, and download it for later use. It also acts as a free and reliable production archive, enabling clients to share links with colleagues instead of sending multiple e-mails with heavy files for each approval step. A multi-platform system notifies each client via e-mail and/or sms when a new job has been published on line.