A new more democratic era of media content
Self-referential, didactic advertising, with exaggerated claims and bad jokes are out of date. Increasingly consumers expect to be informed and engaged on a personal level.

Live or die by the relevance of your message to consumers' busy lives
Today’s consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages every day and take for granted their right to use remote controls, PVRs and other selective technologies. It is a revolution that requires all forms of communication to earn the attention of the audiences. Nobody can rely on inertia these days to capture audience. 

Content Advertising
This new culture is bringing with it a new era of content advertising. In this environment, the most successful communications are the ones that most effectively inform, educate and entertain. These messages challenge traditional content at their own game, rather than simply acting as an unwanted interruption. 

Get invited by your target audiences
We recognize these changes and are amongst those who are re-writing the advertising rules by creating content-rich communications. By creating “branded content” and “branded media” we can help you to be at the heart of the personal media revolution and encourage consumers to invite your brands into their personal space.

Our publishing arm is responsible for two of Italy's leading music magazines. We have developed our content expertise from print into websites, web TV, web radio, podcasts, mobile content and other emerging technologies. We now think of ourselves as a content 2.0 agency. In addition to our own publishing ventues, we provide content for other publications and are on the lookout for international content partnership opportunities. Please see our publishing section for more information.