We have specialist knowledge of legislation governing competitions and promotions, including data protection laws for collection of personal details. We advise our clients with innovative brand-oriented ideas for using competitions and promotions to gather information about clients or potential clients, to increase sales or to increase brand awareness.

Online Competitions
Competitions are a particularly effective way of driving traffic to a website and are an easy way to support data capture about visitors. We can install a competition database on a client's site, enabling them to require competition entrants to complete an entry form including useful demographic data. When the entry is submitted the data is added immediately to the database.
The database can also be designed to enable you to contact all your winners or all your entrants at the same time by email or to export the data into other applications.
We promote these online competitions by logging them with high-traffic competition portals as well as other relevant sites.

Mobile Competitions
Competition entries by SMS are convenient for the entrant and allow immediate data capture for the client. Offering this form of competition makes particular sense for competitions where the marketing campaign includes offline advertising (outdoor, press, tv or radio advertising). We are also experienced at creating interactive telephone competitions where users call a competition hotline.

Traditional Competitions
Traditional competitions communicated through various media, but mostly through press, flyers, radio and television are still valid and highly effective forms of marketing. The same principal applies to all competitions. Prizes create an incentive for the target audience to engage with the campaign and to participate in data capture exercises. We would also seek relevant media partners for most competition ideas to increase exposure whilst minimising costs.