We have a database of voice talents from all over the world, especially in English and Italian, covering a wide range of regional accents and characters.

We regularly cast voice-over and dubbing voices for TV and radio spots, corporate and industrial films, documentaries, cartoons, feature films and TV shows.

Our mother-tongue actors are professional dubbers or narrators from the world of broadcasting or theatre. All of them have perfect Italian diction, a rarity amongst the now dangerously ubiquitous, internet-based voice talents

We have been working with our partner casting agencies since 1988 to source the best actors for the wide range of video productions that we are involved in. In addition to professionally trained actors, we can also source hostesses, presenters and specific character extras such as bodybuilders, surfers etc.

We can source artistic talents including scribers, musicians, singers, dancers and even circus artists and flair barmen. Whatever the event, we can source suitable entertainment to create a special atmosphere for your audience. We only contract customer-trained, professional artists.