Brand Consultancy

We were brand consultants before we even knew it. For the past twenty years we have created advertising solutions designed to build strong brand values. In recent years, our clients have asked us to become increasingly involved in building their brands - something that fitted perfectly with the organizational strengths that we apply across all of our service areas: a global perspective, a focus on business objectives and a combination of creativity and hard technical/ analytical skills.

Understanding the multimedia context in which our clients' brands live and operate has enabled us to develop core skills in brand naming and positioning, visual identity and brand-focused marketing strategies that communicate one single brand identity across multiple media. Our consultants are experienced in all aspects of building, protecting and communicating our clients’ core brand values. Most of our work falls into one of three categories:

- Product naming or Brand creation & launch
- Brand renewal
- Product or Brand mergers & consolidation

Each of these broad services involves several stages including a comprehensive internal (historical branding & communications and interviews with internal audiences) and external audit (an analysis of the market and competitors). We use market research and focus groups to refine the final brand strategy and visual identity.