B2B Tools

CommunicationsMany of our services are used by clients in their business-to-business communications, either as part of their customer relationship management or simply to boost the effectiveness of their messages to retailers, sales agents, other representatives and employees.

Professional Business communications
We help our clients to communicate in a professional and effective manner even when they are not available themselves, as with our tailored call waiting systems.

Brand Image
From business cards to email background or signature, our design team will ensure that your business communications also carry a message about your brand identity.

Customer Relationship Management
We offer a number of solutions for analyzing client satisfaction and areas for improvement. These range from simple pop-up question for your website through to more complex surveys and research.

Promotional and corporate gifts
The whole world is bored of branded pens and mouse mats. We create beautiful, original promotional or corporate gifts to suit any target audience and tailored to each client's brand.