Audio Post

Our audio clients tell us that they choose us for four main reasons: 

1) quality
2) reliability
3) convenience
4) price

Clients also tell us that they value our creativity - matching their brief in a surprising and original way.

Quality facilities & a Comprehensive Service
Our audio facility is based around four studios with top quality equipment and we provide services covering all aspects of the audio post-production process, including Foley, Voice Over, ADR and Lip Synch Dubbing. Our editors and sound mixers will smooth out any background audio that you supply and seamlessly mix any sound FX, narration or other audio that you need us to record. We work with all audio formats including Dolby 5.1 up to 7.1.

Clients also tell us that they value our creativity - matching their brief in a surprising and original way.

We translate and adapt your script to take account of localization requirements, but also to fit lip-synch, prosody and on-screen actions. We can localise from and into most languages using our partners all over the world.

Voice Services
• Multilingual voice recordings, links and narration "wild" or to picture
• Post-animation voices & re-synching
• Lip-synch Dubbing
• ADR [Automated Dialogue Replacement - similar to lip synch dubbing, where a production audio is partially unusable (perhaps due to background noise), we use ADR to fill in the gaps resulting in a final seamless audio track.
• Voice-overs (track-laying) - using experienced dubbing directors and sound designers, we guarantee cinema quality for all lip-synch projects, and not only in Italian.
• Trailers & Promos
• Documentaries
• Corporate videos
• "As live" TV programmes. Simultaneous commentary record/mix ( sports, games, etc.)
• Reversions
• Video and online games
• Voice overs for distance learning courses
• DVD-Rom or DVD- Video Training
• DVD Commentaries

Audio Editing
Our sound engineers/editors are professionally trained and all have more than 15 years’ experience. This technical knowledge, experience and professionalism explains why our final cuts sound so much crisper and cleaner than the work of other post-production houses.
• mixing and remixing of pre-recorded material

Sound and music design
• Environmental and hard sound effects (wind, traffic, surf, thunder etc.) are the responsibility of our sound effects editor. Digital Sound Editing systems allow a superior quality and variety of sound effects as well as "mood" sounds to complement the visuals.
• Foley effects are created by recording human movement in sync with the picture. Different from edited sound effects, Foley effects are sounds like footsteps, cutlery on a plate and someone falling over. After the Foley Effects have been recorded, our Foley Editor makes slight timing adjustments to ensure that they fit the video.
• Music and Sound Effects Consultancy: we can count on a large archive of proprietary production music and sound effects as well as a wide choice of licensed ones. Our team of professional musicians regularly compose new music, jingles and sounds for specific projects.
• Music Composition

Music Recording
 We are not a recording studio specialised in records productions, but we are very well equipped to record any kind of instrument.

Additional Services
• Casting - our database of voice talents (covering most languages) enables us to cast the best voices to suit our client's brand values and objectives. Our relationship with the Italian Artists' Rights Society, and with all the main equivalent international associations, means that we take care of all administration aspects and royalties on your behalf.
• Audio restoration and mastering
• Audio format conversions
• Fast FTP'ing. WAV, AIFF, MP3 etc - inc. programme lengths & Pro Tools sessions etc
• Audio encoding from and to any format
• OMF inter-change
• Analogue digitisation and asset archiving
• Synch to any videocassette or digital video formats

IP or ISDN v/o & studio links, plus live "Down-the-lines" through a phone Hybrid ( to 6 lines conference call contemporarily) or videoconferencing in many standards, allow you to feel like you are in our studios even when thousands of kilometres away. This enables clients to comment to or direct any member of staff involved in their production.