Advertising Services

AdvertisingWe are a trusted partner to some of Europe's best known agencies. They appreciate our specialist knowledge as well as the independence and fresh thinking that comes from being an outsider on the inside. We also provide invaluable outsourcing services to smaller boutique agencies.

Pitches and Presentations
We assist agencies with all stages of the pitch process from specialist market knowledge and creativity, to the production of professional presentations, narratives, storyboards, animatics, photomatics and videomatics. From a PowerPoint presentation to a 3d complex simulation, we can often provide a fresh, but experienced viewpoint to communicate even your most abstract concepts in a way that is accessible to your clients.

Cross-media Specialists
We are cross media specialists with experience in radio, TV, cinema, online, mobile and print campaigns as well as integrated cross-media campaigns. This expertise has helped agencies to produce campaigns that use combinations of media (such as radio with internet) that add value to each other and we use advertising styles and tactics adapted to each medium.

Our creative team offers a different perspective on a communications challenge and is very used to working alongside or in support of agency creatives. We are not an ad agency, but we often act as a catalyst or an informer for agencies’ own creative processes.

We are able to write whole campaigns for all media: from the shortest tagline to the longest narrative. We can support ad agencies in adapting their scripts using the most effective language for each specific medium or even participating in pitches as anonymous creative partners

We offer full production services from audio recording and graphic design to shooting in HD with a complete range of different troupes and technical equipment to suit your budget and needs. We are also able to suggest a diverse range of suitable locations in Italy, Florida, New York and Serbia as alternatives to clichéd destinations.

Please see our Audio and Video Post-production services for an extensive explanation of the services that we can provide for your campaigns.